THE STATE OF SOULS - Lo stato delle anime

director: Peter Marcias

screenplay: Peter Marcias, from the novel with the same title by Giorgio Todde

production: Capetown srl (Italy), Ultima Onda Production srls (Italy), Denis Friedman Productions (France), 

genere: animation film

film run: 80'



Late Nineteenth century. In the village of Abinei, perched in the mountain of Eastern Sardinia, there is a higher order established between the living and the dead: each birth corresponds to a transition and vice-versa. However, a series of murderers, extremely polished in terms of symbolism and execution, breaks this equilibrium. Efisio Marini, a famous embalmer from Cagliari (1835-1900) is called to investigate upon the mysterious crimes. His tormented but positive attitude infects his main collaborators in this adventure: Dehonis, a colleague from the past years of University, and Pescetto, a military captain. The happenings come together into a story that progressively leads the characters to a psychological crisis. Marini connects all the elements and the tale gets closed, towards the structure of a strong and appealing noir.