Salieri Vs Salieri


directed by Valerio Vestoso

genre: film documentary

status: (development)

run film: 80'






SYNOPSIS Mario Salieri is the god of Italian porn. He is a director and as such moves within the various branches of adult cinema with an eye of his own, with an impeccable style and a way of directing actors that has no reason to envy the traditional big screen. Salieri is a dandy, a cultured, curious man, one of the last sane charmers, a man who portrays forbidden situations gracefully, paying great attention to the dialogues. This because he realised how much the context, the film title and the dialogues trigger more libido than the simple sexual act. This is why he chooses actors based on a three key criteria: education, hygiene and talent. Everything else is insignificant, superficial replication in the abysses of the world-wide-web. In the last thirty years of his career he has built a visual imagery that makes him unique, through the use of recognizable iconic elements: theatrical lights, the glossy image and oblique framing. He has done more, translating the masterpieces of Italian cinema and Neapolitan theatre tradition into hardcore. But leaving this behind he now shoots and produces his films in the outskirts of Budapest, continuing to enjoy the benefits of being a celebrity among the lovers of this genre. At the festivals they call him "Maestro". During his retrospectives shows there are people who know his dialogues by heart. In short, he is a character too incredible to be over looked and too unique to be belittled into a mere porn director. Salieri is so much more.